In Today’s world, behind all the “I LOVE YOU”s is written : “MADE IN CHINA”

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  3. hey is anyone there?

    does anyone have a good reason for living ? i dont think i have a reason anymore

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  4. what i can’t say out loud

    I’m so glad people can’t read minds. If they did, I wouldn’t be able to keep this secret for so long, As I think about it every single time that we talk …

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  5. lovequotesrus:

Photo Courtesy: aka-tonyalva


    Photo Courtesy: aka-tonyalva

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  6. this is all i need to be right now . .

    this is all i need to be right now . .

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  9. She was in pain…

    she was in pain…

    missing him was killing her… and there was not any pain killer which could kill this strange pain…

    she looked every where for him..

    she searched the whole world…

    but he was no where to be found…

    NOW…she hated him …for leaving her alone…

    she gave up..



    without knowing that she lost him in her dreams…not in real world…

    he never left her…in fact…he had been waiting since the night they met in her dream…

    but she didn’t know that…

    she was mad…

    i wish someone could tell her that


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  10. I pretend. I pretend like I can achieve my dreams, that I am good at things, that I don’t care what others think, that I don’t need a boyfriend, that I don’t need people’s acceptance, that I am okay with feeling left out. But really, I am just a little girl who wants someone to hold me and tell me everything is okay, and I am perfect, and beautiful, and talented. Why can’t you see? Or you? Why can’t anyone see ME?
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  11. <3 <3

    <3 <3

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warm molten chocolate cupcakes :P

    warm molten chocolate cupcakes :P

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  14. As simple as this :)


                            I am awkward and clumsy but Love
                        You have rendered me speechless More
    those delicate doves soaring above You
    always flip my lips right-side up and if you Ever
         Know this I should probably declare that I love you Darling.

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